Get INvolved


There are many ways to get involved with Hearts Ablaze.  Making our Friday Night Live events happen takes an army. We are always looking for volunteers to help with the following as well as additional tasks:

  • Help plan and lead activities/games/competitions/etc.
  • Help plan, prepare, and serve meals
  • Help go into the community and invite youth
  • Help check young people in as they arrive
  • Help organize and prepare worship music
  • Help organize and support small group discussion
  • Help find dynamic speakers to share inspirational testimony during events
  • Help setup and clean up the gym before and after events

If you are interested in getting involved with Hearts Ablaze, register as a volunteer or drop us an email at

Volunteer with Hearts Ablaze
Donate to Hearts Ablaze


Hearts Ablaze welcomes contributions to support the work of reaching the youth of Front Royal.  We work hard to make Hearts Ablaze events free for the youth.  This is made possible primarily through the generous contributions of Hearts Ablaze supporters.  Financial gifts go directly to ministry costs such as the following:

  • meals which are provided free to the youth
  • prizes awarded for competitions
  • resources for Bible study
  • give-aways for the youth such as t-shirts, etc.
  • music licenses, recordings, equipment used for worship
  • printing cost for signs and other promotional material to help inform and bring youth to the events

If you would like to support Hearts Ablaze with a financial gift, you can do so through the link or QR code below:

Hearts Ablaze QR Code for Donating